Mar 25, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Experts In Arlington

When the trees on your property need to be maintained, contact experienced Tree experts Arlington. These professionals perform many duties to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn how an arborist can help you and your trees.

Q.) What are the job duties of a tree expert, and how does an arborist help trees?

A.) A tree expert has many duties including trimming, pruning, cutting, and removing trees. A qualified arborist also plants trees and deals with landscaping projects. Another specialty of a tree expert is maintaining the health of trees by diagnosing tree diseases, identifying insect’s infestations, and developing a treatment plan. An arborist helps trees stay healthy by making sure they have the proper amount of nutrients, fertilizer, and water.

Q.) Can a tree expert save a diseased tree or will it have to be cut down?

A.) This all depends on the type of tree disease, the amount of damage that’s already done to the tree, and how the tree responds to treatment. Tree experts Arlington area professionals will do everything possible to save your diseased tree and restore its health. After examining your tree, the arborist will advise you on the condition of your tree and explain the various treatment options.

Q.) Is it necessary to contact a tree professional to cut down a dead tree in the yard?

A.) If you need to have a tree removed from your property, it’s essential that you contact Tree experts Arlington area professionals to do the job. Cutting down a tree is dangerous work, especially if the tree is close to a power line, a structure, or other trees. Tree professionals have the experience and the knowledge that’s needed to safely cut down a tree. If you were to attempt cutting down the tree yourself, you could easily become injured, or the tree could damage your property as it falls.

When you need professional tree service, contact the experts at Greentree Arlington. Their services include tree trimming, removal, bracing, cabling, stump grinding and lot clearing. Visit website to contact the company for service or for a free estimate.

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