Jan 31, 2015

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Repair In Oklahoma City

Many things can go wrong with your heating system and when you don’t have any heat in your home, you need to get it fixed quickly. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about doing simple heating repairs yourself. You’ll also learn when you need to call a company that specializes in Heating Repair in Oklahoma City to fix your furnace for you.

What are some simple furnace fixes that can be done by the homeowner?

If you don’t have any heat, there are several things that you can check to get your furnace running. First, make sure that your thermostat is set on the right temperature and that the control is on the auto selection. Open the front panel of your furnace and examine the air filter for signs of dust and dirt. If the filter is dirty and you can’t see through it, you’ll need to change it. A filthy air filter will keep the air from flowing in your furnace and it won’t work properly.

When should a heating technician be called for furnace repairs?

If simple repairs such as checking the thermostat and changing the air filter hasn’t solved the problem, it’s time to call a professional. The technician will inspect your furnace and look for problems such as a worn belt, a bent fan blade or a blown motor. The technician will be able to fix your furnace right away unless a part needs to be ordered. If the professional who works for a company that does Heating Repair in Oklahoma City finds that your furnace is beyond repair, you’ll need to purchase a new system. To keep your furnace running efficiently, perform regular maintenance such as changing the filter and lubricating the moving parts. It’s a good idea to call a service technician to inspect your unit before you start running it in the cold season.

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