Jun 6, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Infestations and Bee Removal In Brooklyn

Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Infestations and Bee Removal In Brooklyn

When individuals spot a swarm of bees close to their home, they should quickly look for shelter and contact a pest control company. When bees become irritated, they often chase humans and pets, and their stings can be fatal. Read the questions and answers below to learn valuable information about bee infestations and professional Bee Removal in Brooklyn.

How can individuals correctly identify bees and their nests?

When individuals spot flying insects on their property and suspect they’re bees, the residents must know how to properly identify them. There are several bee species that are common in Brooklyn, and many bees look very similar. Most bees have gold-colored sections on their body with thin, black stripes.

Bee nests are often found in shallow openings in the ground or under rocks and the nests consist of numerous small cells. If individuals spot a nest on their property, they should never try to remove the nest by themselves.

Is it possible for bees to get inside the house?

It’s not uncommon for individuals to spot bees inside their homes. Bees can enter the house in numerous ways, such as flying inside when the door is open, through broken window glass, and by using holes in the walls.

Bees will look for a dark and undisturbed area in the home to make their nest. It’s not uncommon for bees to make nests inside walls and in chimney flues.

How can individuals stay safe from stinging bees?

Individuals should never try to remove bees, nests, or hives by themselves. Since bees can sting, this job is best left to experienced professionals who specialize in Bee Removal in Brooklyn. When individuals attempt to exterminate bees or destroy their nests, the bees will know there’s danger and will sting to protect their colony.

Some individuals have serious allergic reactions to bee stings, and getting stung numerous times by a swarm of angry bees can often lead to serious injuries.

Individuals in Brooklyn who have dangerous bees on their property should immediately Contact Metro Pest Control Inc. This experienced company offers same-day emergency services for individuals who need to have pests removed from their property fast.

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