Jul 11, 2013

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Freedom From Obesity Can Solve Your Weight Loss Dilemma

If there is one thing that the enormous industry of weight loss books and videos have demonstrated, it is that losing weight in a sustained way is almost impossible if your only tools are diet and exercise. The only reason this industry can keep pulling in so much money year after year is that their customers are constantly either failing or regaining the weight and having to look for the next trick that just might make the difference. If you want to escape from this insanity and make real gains in your health by losing your excess fat, you should arrange a consultation with the doctors at Freedom From Obesity.

The first thing that you should look at when deciding whether to set up a consultation is whether you will even be eligible. This depends on your weight, health, and history. You must already have a history of failing to lose weight through other means, because they don’t want to use a surgical approach on someone who still might succeed in some other way. You must have a BMI of 35 or above if you have health complications that are associated with your weight, or 40 and above if you have no such complications. Being more than 100 pounds over your ideal weight can also qualify you.

When you actually speak to a surgeon, you will be discussing both whether this approach makes sense for you and which type of surgery might be best to try. There are several different options available these days. The most radical choices offer the best results, but they also pose an increased risk of complications. Less extreme choices, such as banding, are still drastically more effective than traditional dieting and exercise, and have minimal complications.

Even if you are uncertain about whether you would want to pursue an extreme option like this, it is worth exploring the idea. If you qualify for these procedures, you should set up a consultation appointment with one of the physicians at Freedom From Obesity. That way, you will at least be able to consider what your next step should be based on real feedback from a surgeon about your case and whether you are a good candidate.


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