Sep 24, 2015

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Frameless Shower Screens: Give Your Home A Distinct Look

Is it time to update your bathroom to match the rest of the home? If so, start by getting frameless shower screens fitted! A shower screen isn’t just an aesthetic enhancement for the bathroom but also, it can be used to separate specific zones and increase privacy. Whether it is fitted on sliding or hinged doors, frosted glass or clear glass, you can guarantee that a shower screen will add visual appeal and an element of functionality to the bathroom. What’s more, frameless screens will act as a barrier to prevent water from splashing outside of the shower area. From using shower screens as room dividers to getting them fitted for space saving purposes, it’s worth learning some facts about this practical home enhancement first.

A Hygienic Option

Glass is perhaps the most hygienic surface of them all, because it can be cleaned with ease and the non-porous material is naturally very water repellent. What this means is that even if the surface is wet, mould and mildew will not grow like it might on other surfaces, such as tile grout. There is nowhere for bacteria and germs to breed on frameless shower screens made from glass. The risk of contaminants can be reduced further if you take the time to wipe the glass with water and a mild detergent after taking a shower.

Strength and Durability

The type of glass you choose to get your frameless shower screens manufactured with will affect how strong it is. Coated or treated glass will be slightly stronger than normal glass, so take the time to find a type of glass that suits your needs. Toughened glass, safety glass and metallic glass are three other strong types of glass that would last for years with minimal maintenance. The best way to find the right glass is to meet with a professional shower screen fitter who can advise you on which glass is the most damage-tolerant.

Aesthetic Appeal

Improving the appearance of the bathroom will likely be your main goal when getting shower screens fitted, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore your options. Reflective or mirrored glass will reflect light and create the illusion of extra space, whereas frosted or stained glass will add an element of privacy. For a personal touch, why not get patterns or words etched onto the glass?

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