May 24, 2014

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Four Sports to Consider for Fun

Sports do not have to be competitive, although for most that is half the fun. Here are four great sports you can consider playing for sheer fun:

1. Volleyball: Volleyball rocks because it requires minimal equipment and can be played both indoors and out. Volleyball is easy to learn for the basics and although it looks like it doesn’t take much effort can really give you some good exercise once the game gets going. You can wear Asics Volleyball Shoes, shorts and a loose t-shirt while playing and many love playing beach volleyball in the summer. It is a simple game in which a ball is hit back and forth much like tennis using your hands instead of a racket. The net is much higher and you can buy volleyball nets for the backyard and can bring them to the park or beach as well. Kids and adults alike will love volleyball.

2. Badminton: Much like volleyball badminton is easy to pick up for the basic skills required. However you do need more equipment including a net, badminton rackets and birdies, which are used instead of a ball. Badminton also has a high net like volleyball when compared to the height of a tennis net for example. Badminton does not take as much strength as tennis as the birdie is quite light weight so it is also good for older people who want to stay active.

3. Bowling: Bowling is great because you can play it all year round and it is also a very social game. You can play one on one or on teams, or of course just for fun. You can also rent lanes and balls for a very small amount of money which means there is no need to buy equipment. The smaller balls of five pin are easily managed by children and it is a great way to bond with family or to go out with a gang of friends.

4. Basketball: This is one of the most popular sports played in courts across the U.S. You really just need a ball and a hoop and they are located in parks, playgrounds and gyms everywhere.

Sports can provide an excellent source of entertainment, help you bond with family and friends and of course provide much needed exercise.

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