Four Reliable Used Subaru BRZ

In 2013, the Subaru BRZ made its first appearance in the United States. Since then, the company has built on its initial concept. During those years, some are considered by critics to be more reliable than others. Below are four of them.

The 2016 BRZ

This sporty coupe experienced no recalls. The 2016 BRZ has been lauded for its easy handling as well as its supportive, yet comfortable, front seats. It is a driver’s sports car with a high reliability rating

The 2017 BRZ

With the release of the updated Subaru BRZ in Passaic, NJ, owners can revel in its modern features while boasting about its affordability. Like the models before it, it was an incredible sports car and fun to drive.

The 2019 BRZ

This was another car that made sports car enthusiasts on a budget very happy. It was not only enjoyable to drive but reliable and even practical.

The 2020 BRZ

The 2020 BRZ was the last of the first generation. It, too, boasts the qualities that have made the BRZ a popular vehicle. It was fun to drive with its precise handling and comfortable cabin. Practical and affordable it also possessed one of the most important qualities of any car – new or used. It was reliable.

Today, the Subaru BRZ remains a superb driver’s car. It is a favorite among those in Passaic NJ who want to combine some form of practicality with the verve of a sports car and yet still be able to boast that they stuck to their budget.

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