Nov 11, 2014

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Four Reasons to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

About 10 or so years ago, it didn’t matter what age you were or who you were, when you reached menopause, you were put on hormones while you were going through that stage of life. However, it was found that the risk of strokes, cancers and heart attacks were increased and in most cases, the symptoms of menopause were not even that bad, so doctors changed the way they handled hormone replacement therapy. However, there are still some good times that HRT is beneficial, including hot flashes, sleeplessness, night sweats and because it makes you feel better.

Hot Flashes

Most hot flashes are considered to be mild or moderate, but some women have severe hot flashes, where it feels their body is on fire. There will likely be times where you’ll be sitting in a cool area and feel warm, especially because your body is changing. However, these are considered normal and as long as they don’t affect your abilities, they don’t need treatment. If, however, you have other common symptoms of menopause, you may still be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.


In some cases, hormone replacement therapy can help with sleeplessness because most women tend to feel restless due to night sweats, hot flashes or just because of hormone changes. However, sleepless nights are not usually the only symptom that occurs when HRT is considered.

Night Sweats

Most people don’t know the difference between hot flashes and night sweats. In essence, a night sweat is a hot flash that happens during the night, while you are trying to sleep and likely under the blankets. While you can remove the blanket for coolness, it can still be difficult to rest easily.

In most cases, mild symptoms do not require hormone replacement therapy, but if you find that you are losing sleep and having trouble facing the next day because of your lost sleep and night sweats, it could be beneficial to be placed on HRT

Better Feeling

Most people believe that if you don’t “need” hormone replacement therapy, you shouldn’t ask for it, but some people truly feel better when they are taking the hormones. In some cases, a woman’s body does not produce enough estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to a bad feeling. There is no reason to stop taking hormones if they make you feel better, but you should be informed of the risks involved.


Hormone replacement options are available, especially if you have severe symptoms of menopause. Consider Tampa Rejuvenation for your HRT needs.

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