Aug 5, 2015

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Four Kinds of Elder Care in Southington CT

Assisted living facilities are available so those who require daily care can get the help they need quickly. Living at home alone is no longer an option when people struggle to perform even daily tasks. Elder care in Southington CT includes four kinds of assistance.

Dietary Management

As people reach a certain age, it becomes even more important to eat healthy. It is one of the very few ways that are available to get the nutrients needed and keep the body strong. Some struggle to make meals on their own and others forget that they need to take their medication on a full stomach. Dietary management can be provided to those who need it. Meals will be provided, and staff will ensure residents are eating when they need to, especially if the medication is involved.

Nursing Services

There are those that require nursing services on a regular basis. Whether this includes dressing a wound, taking a temperature, or monitoring other vital signs, nurses are available 24 hours a day to ensure these services are provided.

Dressing and Bathing

Each day, it is important for residents to bathe and dress. Keeping clean is vital to staying healthy. Those that struggle doing these tasks on their own can receive help from a trained staff member.

Wellness Counseling

Some residents at an assisted living facility are capable of taking care of themselves. Their struggles come with overall psychological wellness. Many may feel down about their situation and simply need someone to talk to and express their feelings. Those that need it can receive regular wellness counseling so their problems can be discussed, and a resolution can be made to help them.

Elder Care in Southington CT is a top priority for Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC. The staff at Shady Oaks is available 24/7 in order to provide the care that is needed to all residents. Whether people simply need someone to talk to in counseling sessions, or there is assistance required with bathing and eating, staff members will provide help for everyone. Each person will have their own room with privacy, but with staff nearby at all times, they will always be taken care of properly.

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