Sep 8, 2014

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Four Important uses for your Professional Head Shot Photos

As a professional you might not have given much thought into having and Edmonton photographer take some head shots of you. However in today’s world of social media and websites having professional head shots can come in pretty handy. Here are four important uses for your professional head shots:

  • Social Media: Today you have to be on social media and with more and more potential clients and employers deciding to take a walk on your wild side before hiring you it is important to make sure if they do find you on social media they don’t run into a drunken, red eyed wild person with a beer in their hand. If you are on social media you want to have an Edmonton photographer provide you with professional head shots that will provide people interested in learning more about you with an image they can relate too and that will show them a professional who looks trustworthy and worthy of their business.
  • Website: If you are self employed or have your own business, adding a photo of yourself is a must. People will see someone they can trust and not be nervous they are dealing with some overseas company trying to pass themselves off as “local”. This is a common trick that many seedy businesses pull. By having a picture that shows who you are you are more apt to attract new clients. People also like having a face to put your name to so to speak.
  • Groups: Modern business often consists of groups of people working remotely with other. Whether this is on Skype, meeting through social media such as linked in or Facebook or even having a shared website featuring profiles of each of you having a professional head shot is a must so you aren’t the only with the little gray avatar head or worse the awkward selfie.
  • Articles: If you are in a business in which articles might be written about you or in which you might have the opportunity to guest blog or provide articles, a professional head shot is a must.

As you can see there are many reasons to have an Edmonton photographer shoot some professional head shots. In fact you can also include some professional candid shots so you have a variety from which to choose so you do not have to use the same shot over and over again.

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