Aug 6, 2015

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Four Food-Related Newlywed Gift Ideas in Tucson

Finding a gift for newlyweds leaves many feeling like they will never find something good enough. Common items like housewares and kitchen utensils are sure to be brought by others, so gift buyers often look for something more unique. Gift Ideas in Tucson should include food items, since they are not commonly given on a wedding day. There are four newlywed gift ideas to consider.

7-Section Tray

The Pecan Store offers a 7-section tray that would make an ideal gift. The tray can either be filled with candy coated pecans, regular pecans, or spicy ones. This makes a great gift because it provides a treat for the couple, as well as a reusable tray that they can get further use out of down the line.

Sauce Selection

New couples have to search for the perfect meals to make for the two of them. Rather than providing dishes to use, friends and family can purchase a selection of sauces that can be used for the couple’s new recipes. Syrup, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce are all available from the Pecan Store.

Cook Book

Since two people are coming into one household, different recipes will need to be made that meet both of their needs. Just like the sauce selection will help prepare their meals, so will a cook book. The Authentic Southwestern Cooking book can be purchased as a gift. It provides a section about substitutions and details which ingredients can be traded for something people may have sitting in their cupboards.

Natural Pecans

While candy coated pecans may be tasty, they are not usually called for in recipes. For couples that enjoy making pecan-related desserts, natural pecans make a great gift option. Since these nuts can be expensive, purchasing them for the couple will save them some money down the road. They can use the pecans in a pecan pie, pumpkin bread pudding, or even banana pecan strudel.

Gift Ideas in Tucson should always include items from the Pecan Store. Visit the website to see their wide selection of items and the many gift possibilities. Not only are items available on their site, but recipes for pecan desserts can be found there as well.

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