Dec 31, 2018

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Foundation Crack Repair Options

Foundation Crack Repair Options

Virginia is an area where the soil is referred to as expansive. In fact, it is called by other names including expansive clay, adobe, caliche, shrink-swell soils, or swelling soils. When soils expand or contract enough, damage can occur to create cracks in your foundation. If they are serious enough, you will have to consider hiring a foundation crack repair company to rectify the actual and potential damage.

Reasons Foundation Cracks Develop

If you live in your home for even a limited amount of time, a foundation crack or two is bound to develop. For poured concrete foundations this is a commonplace occurrence whether the concrete is reinforced or not. Practices in the field by those laying the foundations and by the homeowner can lay the groundwork for cracks to develop.

The reasons foundation crack vary. The most common ones include:

* Shrinkage: The concrete mix consists of too much water. This results in plastic shrinkage

* Contraction and Expansion: The soil does this – called thermal cycling, over so many years and the result can be cracks in concrete slabs above. The soil, particularly clay soil contracts as it enters drought. With rain, it expands. In Virginia, clay soils predominate.

* Soil: The soil is not compacted properly or has been disturbed. This results in the footing settling. The soil can also be frozen and, therefore causes cracks to form later.

* Machinery: During construction or even work on the property of a different nature, heavy machinery can create shear cracks

* Drainage: The drainage is inadequate and water pools too close to the foundation.

* Tree Roots: Placement of trees can result in the need for foundation crack repair.

* Plumbing: If you have plumbing that leaks, you may get cracks in your foundation.

When faced with the need for foundation crack repair in Fairfax VA, you do have options. Some are more expensive than others. The cost will
depend on several factors. Among them are:

* How extensive the damage is to your foundation.
* How large the crack or cracks are.
* Whether the fix is a temporary or intended as a permanent one.
* How much of the foundation will require repair.
* How deep the soil is.
* All these will help to determine the final cost of repairing your foundation.
* Foundation Crack Repair

When you find a crack in your foundation, it is important you have it assessed first to determine whether foundation crack repair is necessary. If this is the case, depending upon the extent of the problem, you may require service immediately or at a later date. Whatever the situation, make sure you are aware of the importance of repairing the cracks in your home. Failure to take care of a seemingly minor fissure may have dire consequences.

When Foundation Crack Repair – no matter how small or large is in order, be sure you make contact with the experts in the field. Visit to learn more about how we can help you.

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