May 14, 2014

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Fort Myers Hearing Doctors Provide the Solution to Hearing Problems

When one discovers they are developing hearing problem, it is always important to visit hearing centers for some test and assistance. The audiologist will help you determine the cause, severity and the scope of the loss. These specialists are trained to treat hearing impairments and ear damage. They perform both physical examination and ear screening to diagnose your problem. They use an instrument called audiometer to screen and examine your ears. The device consists of a hardware connected with headphones, and it is controlled by a computer system.

General types of hearing challenge

Different hearing problems can be classified depending on diverse situations as discussed below:

Conductive hearing

This type of hearing problem is characterized by loss of hearing accompanied with pain in the middle or outer ear. The patient may also experience mild vision since it can result to loss of sight.

Sensory hearing loss

It is a more serious condition than conductive hearing. It results from malfunctioning of cochlea tissue of the ear. When the cells of this tissue are destroyed, a person starts to experience hearing problems, and they can hardly differentiate different sounds around them.

Neural hearing problem

The problem occurs in the inner part of the ear where the cochlea connects with the brain. Here, the coordination and transmission of the sound to the brain is hindered. This is due to nerve failure or even hereditary traits. The problem exaggerates as the individual approaches senior age.

What are hearing aids?

To overcome the problem of impaired hearing, there are several hearing aids one can use. These are dependent of the type of hearing defect. These hearing aids may be different in structure, but they serve the same function.

The structure of hearing aids

Most of these gadgets comprise of a microphone with an amplified speaker and a battery to run the device. They are made in such away to pick up vibrations from the surrounding and amplify them thus facilitating hearing. They are durable and convenient to use.

Mark Montgomery provides you will all hearing problems solutions. Their audiologist has over 25 years of experience and therefore she is dependable. They operate in Fort Myers and Naples area Florida. For more information about Fort Myers hearing doctors and to book appointments, visit this link.

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