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For those of us outside Hawaii, the famed state seems like a visceral adventure in vacationing and excess. The beautiful beaches, the beautiful women, and the wondrous sites to see, and Hawaii remains a figment never ventured or only visited that one expensive vacation so long ago. Hawaii is an existential landscape, of massively sensational mountains, eruptable volcanoes, and culturally significant and beauty. There is something about the gorgeous state of Hawaii that makes it everlasting and singular in its ability to mesmerize.

Maybe it is in the sun- the ever imposing star that shines brilliantly over Hawaii, and radiates off its wonderful beaches. In some places, darkness coats the surface and solar panels are not effective. In Hawaii, solar panels are prevalent and mainstream. Hawaii is on the cusp of this somewhat new technological breakthrough. More specifically, it is the grand city of Honolulu, in all its gorgeous colors. Green energy and solar power in Honolulu homes and commercial properties is on the increase, and for good reason. The home can be taken care of in various ways through solar power.

1. Lighting: Lighting the house is costly. When you install solar power in your home through solar panels, you will instantly feel an effect in savings when it comes to lighting your home.
2. Appliances: Solar panels power appliances, a costly endeavor if you use them often.
3. Computers: A computer takes a large portion of energy to keep running. Solar panels alleviate this burden by powering your computer through solar.

There is a stigma against solar power that many people do not understand. They think that they will have no power when it gets dark, as the sun is settled and the panels are picking up no energy. Perhaps decades prior this was the case. But now a days, this absurd! Solar panels take in EXCESS solar energy. They have more than they ever need! The solar panels capture energy, and use what they need to power an object or place. But they also obtain excess power, and this is reserved for when the sun dries up. If it is cloudy, the solar panels use their stored up energy to keep everything in working for. Even if it was raining, cloudy, and dark for weeks, the system would still have marginal amounts of energy to stay active. Though in this case you may resort to traditional energy usage, the system is automated to switch from this to that with seamless ease.

The beautiful landscapes of Honolulu impress us through every photo. But we need the city to stay on top of the technology, so it can be a positive influence to all other regions of the world. This is our future, and it is a stable way to find energy without burning limited resources.

There is hope in Haleakala Solar that tries to solar power Honolulu each and every day with the best products and methods


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