May 24, 2014

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Fly Tying – An Important Skill for Any Fly Fisherman

Fly tying is a skill that is basically creating an artificial fly by tying together thread or other materials and a hook. Creating your artificial fly lure is a money saving and rewarding hobby for a fly fisherman and a fun thing to learn how to do and teach future generations of fly fisherman. You can purchase a salt water fly tying kit that will make creating your imitation fly lure much easier by providing you with everything you may need.

How to Create An Imitation Fly Lure

By using the materials found in a salt water fly tying kit you can use these steps to create and excellent imitation fly.

  • First attach the thread to the hook and wrap it 3 times around the tip attaching glue to the thread and wrapping the thread around again gluing the thread to the string.
  • You will then attach the thread around the dumbbell in a position so that the hook is facing upwards towards it. This will look like the eyes for your imitation fly. Once you have the eyes aligned properly you can cut the string and coat it in super glue to keep everything in place.
  • Now design the eyes by coating the dumbbell white and let it dry. Once that is dry apply a smaller circle of whatever color is your preference. Then coat after everything dries and you can paint on little black dots for the pupils and coat it in a water proof paint — preferably jig paint especially for this purpose.
  • You will then tie string around the eyes and attach a piece of fur to it, you will need some tools to do this properly. You will then want to pin the hair back behind so the eyes are revealed and tightly tie a sting behind the eyes to keep the fur out of them.
  • You will then want to secure the entire string with super glue or some sort of art cement and wait for it to dry. Then attach some flashy material and more fur and secure it all with more cement in a way that the fur can still flow out from the sides and be moved easily.

Don’t be scared to go outside the box, personalizing is what makes this hobby a fun one. Starting can be difficult but if you get a salt water fly tying material kit you can easily start off the fly fishing seasons with professional looking equipment that you can be proud that you made yourself. There are also some great online videos demonstrating the art of tying fly lures.

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