Florida Public Adjusters for Catastrophic Damage to Homes and Businesses

As per Florida law, a public adjuster is any person other than a licensed attorney who, for compensation, prepares, completes or files an insurance claim on behalf of another person or entity. That public adjuster could be of great assistance to a policyholder in the negotiation of settlement of a claim that is covered by a contract of insurance. A public adjuster who works in the State of Florida must be licensed accordingly. Upon being licensed as a public adjuster, an individual is required to complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years.

Cases That Might Warrant a Public Adjuster

Like many attorneys who formerly worked for insurance companies, many public adjusters worked for insurance companies too. They’re fully aware of the strategies that insurers employ in efforts to devalue or even deny claims. A Florida public adjuster might be retained in cases involving tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires and explosions.

What Does the Public Adjuster Do?

As a property damage claims expert, here’s how a public adjuster typically approaches a claim:

  • The Initial Property Visit: The adjuster will go to the property for purposes of learning what he or she might be getting into.
  • The Insurance Policy: The applicable policy and any amendment to it will be closely examined.
  • Upon being retained, a proof of loss form will be completed after a thorough inspection of the damaged premises. It details each and every item of damages that the client suffered.
  • Negotiations: A settlement package is carefully put together and forwarded to the policyholder’s insurer.
  • Settlement: Realizing your predicament, and while operating in your best interests, the public adjuster will do everything necessary in attempting to quickly and fairly settle your insurance claim.

Some public adjusters will specialize in different types of property damage. You don’t want a flood expert on an explosion. At Strategic Claim Consultants, our highly regarded public adjusters have extensive experience in just about all categories of catastrophic property loss claims. We’ll have the type of Florida public adjuster that you need. Contact us right away after your loss by phoning us at 888-808-6562, or use our online contact form at http://strategicclaimconsultants.com.

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