Florida-based Technicians Develop Digital Tattoo Release Form Documents

When people think about getting a tattoo, they probably think about doing something cool and rebellious. Chances are that they don’t think about computers and networks, however. Ironically, local technicians have combined the two by developing a digital tattoo release form that takes quite a bit of work out of the equation of giving a new client a tattoo.

Considering the fear that someone could have unforeseen health problems related to tattooing because they didn’t reveal some underlying condition that they should have mentioned before submitting to a needle. By issuing a release form digitally, however, all of these problems can theoretically get squared away before ink even touches skin.

This might also help to alleviate concerns that someone could potentially get a tattoo while they weren’t in the right state of mind. In many jurisdictions, it’s against the rules to apply tattooing to anybody who is compromised. Depending on the specific way that local laws are written, it might be against the rules to knowingly apply tattooing to someone who is under the influence of any foreign substance. By issuing a digital form, artists and managers can ensure that their clients state everything is copacetic before they begin any creative process. Individual jurisdictions might impose additional rules on individuals, so it’s always a good idea to check before rolling out a new digital form. Fortunately, the migration from paper documents shouldn’t be a challenge for most parlors.

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