Flood Damage Albany Clean Up Tips

A flooded home can be a harrowing experience where the first reaction is to go into panic mode. This is completely understandable. When it comes to Flood Damage Albany residents need to follow a few simple steps to ensure that they reduce the damage, if possible.

Find source of the flood and try to control the flow

If you have the strength, enter all flooded rooms and salvage what you can but be careful; rugs are replaceable, you are not

Turn off the electricity to reduce chances of electrocution

While taking care of your back, take out all the rugs and place them in a safe and dry place

Saving the Carpets

It is at this point that reality will probably hit you and you will start wondering:

Whether your insurance company will pay for the damages incurred

If you are physically and emotionally equipped to handle saving the carpets considering that the rest of your furniture is damaged by water

Whether you have the necessary skills and equipment to properly dry the carpets and stop further damage from occurring due to mildew and damp

All these are legitimate queries whose answers should lead to only one solution. If your business premise or home gets flooded, it is best to call in the experts, Flood Damage Albany restoration services. They will handle the problem for you quickly and efficiently allowing you to concentrate on matters that require your personal attention.

A Flood Damage Albany restoration service provider has the necessary expertise and experience to tackle the water damage issue. These professionals make use of commercial high-powered vacuum extraction gear that will see your problem taken away quickly with minimum of upheaval. Below are a few things you should do in the event of water damage to your premise.

If the temperature outside is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, make use of dehumidifiers

Make use of fans to assist in drying and circulating air

Attempt to wipe the furniture dry

Ensure that all luggage, closet doors and furniture drawers are open for efficient drying

Lift draperies from the carpet, use coat hangers on the drapery rod to keep them off the ground

Wet cushions should be propped up to ensure uniform drying

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