Dec 17, 2014

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Flats For Comfort And Style

Designers are paying a lot of attention to flat shoes for women. The strain that high heels place on the feet and calves prohibits most women from wearing high heels all the time. Flat shoes are an important alternative to heels and a wardrobe staple. With the multitude of options on the market today, it is easy to have both comfort and style.

For Work Or Everyday Casual Wear

You might want to try a pair of loafers for work or everyday casual wear. Loafers are lightweight, step-in shoes that traditionally had leather uppers. The penny loafer is a classic example. There are loafers with fringe, tassels or other decorations on the tongue of the shoe. Materials available today include not only a wide variety of leather colors and finishes but also fabric uppers in every color of the rainbow.

Ballerina pumps take the number one spot in popularity among flat shoes for women. The inspiration for the ballerina pump was the classic dance slipper. Choose solid color leather for work and a wild fabric print for every day.

For Weekend Wear

Loafers so easily transition from work to weekend. You might want to try brightly colored or patterned fabric with a distressed look.

Mules are a shoe style that originated in France. These slippers have a boxed-in toe and cover the front of the foot but leave the back open. One of the simplest shoes; just slip your feet in and go.

Sandals are jewelry for the feet… so many choices. Styles include gladiator, sling-back, flip-flop and strappy little numbers with ankle collars. The gladiator style is an open-toed sandal resembling sandals of ancient Rome. A strap runs up the center, parallel to the foot and connects to an ankle collar. Multiple straps lay perpendicular across the foot. A sling-back shoe has a strap that goes behind the ankle. The flip-flop is an example of a thong style shoe; a strap goes between the big toe and the fourth toe.

For Evening Wear

The most appropriate styles for evening social occasions are ballerina pumps and sling-back or thong style sandals. Choose metallic colored or patent leather for a simple classy look. If you want a bit of sparkle, choose a strappy little sandal or a ballerina pump ornamented with glitter, rhinestones, or beads.

Whether you are looking for a pair of loafers for work or a pair of sandals for that upcoming party, the choices are many. Be stylish, comfortable and have fun playing with lots of styles, colors, and decorative accents.

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