Dec 5, 2014

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Five Updates to Improve your Plumbing

If you would like to make updates to your home there are many plumbing jobs your plumbing contractor in Alexandria can offer. Here are five updates to speak to your Plumbing contractor in Alexandria about when you are undergoing updates:

1. Eco-Friendly, Cost Saving Updates: It is always a good idea to look for ways to help make your home more eco-friendly. Luckily many of the eco-friendly changes you make can also reduce costs such as energy and water bills. The perfect way to add eco-friendly changes to your home is to have low flow toilets and shower heads installed. You will see your water bill is a lot easier to face when you have a plumbing contractor Alexandria homeowners hire come in and update all of your old fixtures for water saving eco-friendly models.

2. New Laundry Room: Your laundry room isn’t a place in which you want to spend too much time. However if you are looking for some upgrades to make life easier as well as to help save money a laundry room update can be just the ticket. New appliances will reduce energy consumption, use less water and also reduce the amount of time it takes to do the laundry each week. It will also be safer for your home with the proper installation of water hook-ups to avoid the potential for flooding.

3. Kitchen Garbage Disposal: If you are looking for a way to make cleaning up after a big meal easier, a garbage disposal can help. Most plumbers can assist with the installation of a garbage disposal in your sink to make preparing dishes for the dishwasher a snap.

4. Pipe Update: Some homes might have old lead pipes or pipes in ill repair that can lead to serious water damage and mould. If you have been hearing odd dripping sounds it could mean you have a slow, persistent leak somewhere in your home. A plumber can come in and find out what is happening and make arrangements to update your pipes. It is hard to know if you have rusty, leaky or lead pipes without someone coming in to assess your plumbing. They can then update your pipes, for safer, leak free plumbing.

5. New Water Heater: Another potential energy guzzler, an old water heater can be a real drain on your energy usage. A plumbing contractor in Alexandria can provide you with a new energy efficient water heater.

These five updates are perfect options to make life easier and reduce energy drains in your home.

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