Jun 25, 2015

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Five Unique Promotional Products in New Port Richey

Five Unique Promotional Products in New Port Richey

Promotional products are an important part of any localized marketing strategy. You no doubt have many competitors in your area. Getting an edge over them in any way possible will help you to win and retain customers that you can’t afford to give up.

Some might find the traditional promotional products in New Port Richey to be ineffective or boring, but you should consider a few unique products that can help you market your business in today’s world.

Phone Cases

An industry statistical firm estimated that three out of four smartphone owners carry their phone inside of a case. As of right now, most people carry smartphones, and that means that most of your customers prefer to have a case on their phone. Smartphones are fragile.

If your potential customer puts your case on their phone, there’s no way they’ll be able to forget who you are. A study in 2013 said that the average smartphone owner looks at their phone one hundred and fifty times per day. No traditional advertising campaign on the planet can assure those kinds of results.

Tablet Cases

Tablet cases aren’t quite as common as phone cases are for a few reasons. Tablets are usually kept in bags when not in use, and they’re generally easier to hold onto. However, to you that just means that there’s a large market out there for people that might consider using one.

Depending on how you distribute the cases, of course, you could let potential customers pick from among a number of promotional products. If they choose your case, it’s bound to end up on their tablet. While not used as frequently as smartphones, tablets are commonly used dozens of times per day.


Many of your potential customers might not have a pair of good headphones as they’re sometimes viewed as a luxury item.

Even if your customer already owns a pair of headphones, who wouldn’t like to have an extra pair?

Car Adapters and Phone Charging Cables

It’s obvious that smartphones and tablets are the most commonly used items for most people today. Any type of promotional product that helps people in their interactions with these devices will be welcome. While some might prefer not to carry their phone or tablet in a case with your branding on it, few would consider cables or adapters to be a fashion statement. Major brands charge a lot of money for these cables, so who would object to a free charging cable?

Messenger Bags

Did you know that more than half of all men now carry a bag? Recently, the idea of carrying a bag has become less and less feminine. Whether your customers are primarily men or women, a good bag could be something that’s used every day, and seen by many other people.

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