Jul 5, 2016

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Five Signs of a High Quality Minneapolis Auto Shop

Five Signs of a High Quality Minneapolis Auto Shop

Finding a trustworthy resource for your auto repair before you encounter any automotive emergency will significantly reduce the tension of a high-stress situation, as well as potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Look for the following signs when searching for auto repair in Minneapolis.

  1. Make sure all technicians on staff are certified. Certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), or the American Automobile Association (AAA), are the most well recognized in the industry, and good signs of a reputable shop.


  1. Does the shop offer a warranty? This is a sign that a facility which specializes in auto repair in Minneapolis has confidence in their own work.


  1. Look for a shop with a long local history. Automotive shops thrive on satisfied customer referrals and repeat business. Any auto repair shops with shady or sloppy business practices is not likely to survive the long haul. A minimum of five year of operation is a good sign of a trustworthy shop.


  1. Check out the appearance of the shop. Does the facility appear clean and well organized? How technicians treat their work area can be a good indication of how they treat the vehicles to which they are entrusted. Are the same half repaired cars parked in the lot every time you drive by? This is a sign of slow service and poor turnover. If your gut feeling tells you to stay away, listen.


  1. Give a potential shop a test run. Once you select a potential professional auto repair in Minneapolis, schedule your next small job or basic routine maintenance such a tire rotation or oil change. Know ahead of time how much a job should cost and approximately how long it should take to complete. If you are overcharged or if service takes significantly longer than it should, it is time to keep looking.

Your auto repair specialists should work as your ally in maintaining the health of your vehicle. Use these tips to find skilled auto repair in Minneapolis for any future vehicle maintenance needs.

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