Oct 22, 2013

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Five Reasons You Need an Immersion Blender

If you are constantly whipping up gourmet meals in your kitchen but don’t have an immersion blender you are missing out on a convenience that can really improve your cooking skills. An immersion blender allows you to create velvety smooth soups and sauces without the use of cumbersome and sometimes dangerous blenders. Here are five reasons you should add an immersion blender to your kitchen’s arsenal.

1. Convenience: Immersion blenders provide the ultimate in convenience as you don’t have to wrestle with ladles, lift hot and heavy pots containing dangerously hot liquids or try to blend foods in batches using your small blender. You can simply take your blender and use it to puree soups and sauces to smooth perfection in seconds.

2. Safety: You’ve seen it happen dozens of times on hit television shows such as “Iron Chef” and “Chopped”. A professional chef is juggling the time clock while trying to prepare a delicious menu and they make the mistake of adding too much or too hot of a food to the blender and poof they are instantly covered in a scalding mess. When working with an immersion blender you are less likely to burn yourself as you submerge the tool into the pot without the need to transfer it. You do not have to balance the burning hot liquid back and forth and can blend your soups and sauces in one batch without fear of burns.

3. Velvety Smooth: An immersion blender provides the ultimately velvety smooth texture you are seeking for your soups and sauces. However, you can also blend them down to the texture you want as well. So if you are looking for a slightly more toothful texture to a soup for example, you can use pulsing motions as opposed to a consistent puree.

4. Storage: The immersion blender is also very easy to store. They come in a number of convenient sizes and for the home kitchen one of the smaller sizes will usually suffice.

5. Portability: You can work with your immersion blender wherever you like without having to transfer liquids. A blender must be pulled out and you require space above in order to pour in the hot foods. This is not always possible in smaller kitchens where upper cabinets might encumber your ability to get the hot liquid into the blender.

As you can see the immersion blender is a tool the gourmet cook cannot be without.

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