Feb 6, 2014

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Five Reasons to Buy Soho NY Apartments

Finding the neighborhood in NYC that best suits your lifestyle can be a challenge. There are far too many opportunities awaiting you at many areas of a city known for its culture, shopping and dining. However one of the hottest areas that offers everything from park land to shopping and dining to a sense of community is Soho. Here are five reasons to buy Soho NY apartments:

  1. New and Used: In Soho you have a wonderful assortment of apartments from which to choose from renovated units to stunning new luxury apartment buildings. You can look for historical units or beautiful upscale boutique hotel style buildings. You will discover a world of varying characteristics from ultra modern to unique architectural details. There is something for everyone in Soho.

  2. Parks: NYC has always offered plenty of green area to read, stroll or have an impromptu picnic. Soho is home to some of the most popular parks including Washington Square and Hudson River. Many Soho NY apartments also feature their own secluded and private terraces adding to their appeal.

  3. Dining: There aren’t too many New Yorkers who don’t appreciate a great meal out on the town. Whether you are looking for simple morning sustenance with a fresh croissant and coffee or a world class dinner of sophisticated dining Soho has it all. Home to famous restaurants such as historic landmark Lombardi’s Pizza to elegant sushi at Blue Ribbon you will find dining out is just steps away from your Soho apartment. You will also delight in yummy bakeries such as Dominique Ansel and Once Upon a Tart.

  4. Shopping: You will always be in step with the latest trends from fashion to home décor and groceries to trendy sporting goods. The finest ingredients for your gourmet meals, on trend fashions and everything in between will always be moments away.

  5. Community: Even though Soho NY apartments are located in the heart of the city it creates a smaller community with a heart of its own. You will find the sense of community welcoming and unique while allowing you to enjoy your own private lifestyle when it suits you.

Walk the streets of Soho to get a feel for the atmosphere and neighborhood to discover the lifestyle that awaits.

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