Jun 12, 2014

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Five Popular Sauces to enjoy with your Steak

If you are looking forward to a lovely meal at your favorite Steak House in Cincinnati you might want to consider ordering a sauce with your meal instead of your basic grilled steak. There are many flavorful options available that will enhance the flavour of your steak while introducing you to a new taste sensation. Here are five popular steak house favorites for you to enjoy:

1. Horseradish: Sauces with horseradish are a classic complement to your favorite cut of steak. Horseradish enhances the flavor of beef and has been a traditional ingredient served with prime rib for centuries. Horseradish has a hint of spice and is lovely when paired with cream. This is a steak house in Cincinnati staple as it is the perfect combination of zing and beef.

2. Au Poivre: This classic sauce is a must try for steak lovers. Au poivre can be made in a number of ways and is often served with a steak that has been encrusted with crushed pepper. The sauce itself then uses a mix or single color of peppercorns and is blended with butter and cream as well as a splash of sherry, cognac or brandy. It is elegant, classic and an irresistible companion to perfectly prepared steak.

3. Bernaise:  Bernaise is a sauce made from butter, wine, vinegar and egg yolks and a distinct flavor of tarragon. It is a very rich sauce that is a deep yellow and is often confused with Hollandaise sauce another French classic made with butter and egg yolks. Béarnaise is extremely elegant and is enhanced with the taste of the tarragon.

4. Garlic Butter: If you aren’t sure you want an out and out sauce with your steak an excellent option is to add a pat of garlic butter added just before serving. This adds a richness and depth of flavor that allows the meat to still remain the star.

5. Gorgonzola Butter: Blue cheese is another classic flavor used with beef. If you love blue cheese a daub of gorgonzola butter can be added to your steak and will melt by the time it reaches your table – decadent, tangy and delicious.

Steak lovers are often so dedicated to the purity of the meat they can miss out on some of the mouth watering flavors of these classic sauces. If you are feeling a little adventurous give one a try at your next steak house meal in Cincinnati.

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