Apr 18, 2014

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Five Musts before selling your Home

If you think you are ready to put your house up for sale, think again. Here are five important things to address before your home is ready to sell:
1. Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis is very important as your carpets may have an odor and also make your home look worn and in ill repair. A carpet cleaning will make them appear new and remove any stains that might draw negative attention to potential buyers. As well if you smoke or have pets there is going to be an odor you might not notice but that buyers will smell the minute they walk in your home.
2. Steam Cleaning: You can hire someone to come in or you can rent a unit yourself. A steam cleaning should be applied throughout your kitchen and bathrooms to remove any stains, grease build up, mold and mildew. All of these things are the types of signs buyers view as red flags. A steam cleaning will help make appliance, tiles, bathtubs and toilets look cleaner and newer.
3. Windows: Wash your windows both inside and out. You will be amazed at what a difference this will make. Your home will be lighter and airier and your windows will appear to be in far better shape as well. Don’t forget to clean the trim and panes.
4. Lighting: Use the brightest bulbs you can find and keep your home well lit while showing it to potential buyers. People love bright and airy homes. Keep curtains open, especially if you have views to show off. If you have a window looking out onto something less desirable invest in a blind that will allow light to shine in while obstructing the view.
5. Downsize: Go through each room and remove any unnecessary furniture. For example in smaller living rooms consider removing the couch and using the love seat instead. In bedrooms remove larger chests and just keep the bed and side tables. If you have a messy foyer remove all of the coats and shoes and neaten as much as possible. Remove clutter from bathrooms and keep kitchen counters completely clear of all objects including toasters, blenders and coffee makers.
These five tips will get your home into move in ready condition.

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