Nov 20, 2013

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Five Easy and Enjoyable Ways to get Healthy

One of the biggest challenges of staying healthy is finding ways to stay fit that you enjoy. If you are looking for ideas to help you stay fit that you are more likely to stick to here are five things you can give a try.

1. Michael Phelps Swim Spas: You may not have enough room in your backyard for a full sized pool, but swim spas are making a huge splash in the world of pools. The Michael Phelps line of swim spas come with a number of options that allow you to not only swim your way to health but also jog or walk and even row in the less resistant warmth of soothing water. If you can’t install a swim spa then visit local pools to get a daily dip of healthful swimming.

2. Dance: Yes dance. Dancing is one of the best aerobics work out you can try and it is fun. You can dance your little heart out alone behind closed doors with your favorite music or you can opt to join a class or even take romantic salsa lessons with your partner. Either way dancing is a wonderful way to get healthy and can be done anywhere the music moves you.

3. Shop Fresh: Shopping for fresh foods can not only be fun but delicious. By adding more natural foods to your diet you will be reaping the benefits in both flavor and nutrients. Get rid of every ounce of processed foods from your fridge and cupboards and make a vow to eat only fresh produce, fish and meats. Your heart will thank you and so will your palate and waist line.

4. Chomp Chocolate: You can enjoy the flavor of chocolate everyday guilt free. Chocolate contains a bounty of healthy ingredients including powerful anti-oxidants and flavanoids. Choose naturally processed organic chocolate with 70 percent more dark chocolate in it for a fulfilling treat for heart and blood pressure health.

5. Let the Sun Shine: We have all been scared off the sun due to the threats of sun cancer, however a good dose of vitamin D via good old fashioned sun exposure will help produce nitrous oxide that in turn will help provide a natural way to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Whether you buy Michael Phelps swim spas or make some changes to your diet, there are choices you can make there are both healthy and enjoyable.

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