Nov 21, 2013

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Five Conveniences for Senior Living

If you are a senior and want to stay in your own home but are hesitant due to some common safety concerns, here are five conveniences you can add to your home to keep it safe.

1. Walk in Tub: The Walk in Tub Philadelphia seniors have installed in their homes make a world of difference for your safety. If you are worried about falls, walk in tubs are an excellent option. They allow you to enjoy the luxury of a relaxing soak in the tub without the worrisome trouble of getting in and out of your tub safely.

2. Entry Ramp: If your home has several steps to climb to your front door adding a slip free ramp can make coming home easier. Entry ramps can be installed allowing entry using walkers, wheel chairs and scooters and are also much easier to walk up than cumbersome stairs.

3. Alarm System: There are many affordable alarm services available that keep you in constant contact with emergency services should you need them. This provides comfort to you as well as peace of mind to family members who might worry about you living alone.

4. Reachers and Grabbers: This is a very affordable addition to any home. There are many reachers and grabbers available on the market designed to assist seniors with reaching hard to reach objects. Whether you have dropped something and have difficulty bending to pick it up or have things on hard to reach shelves, reachers and grabbers will make it easy to retrieve whatever you need without the need to ask for help.

5. Furniture Risers: You can make any seat in the house comfortable using furniture risers. Without the need to buy new furniture or avoid sitting in your favorite seat, furniture risers can be added to the legs of chairs or sofas allowing you to sit and stand without a struggle. Bed risers are also available to make going to bed and getting up each morning a snap. Once installed you will be able to enjoy all of the furniture in your home with out worrying.

These are just a few examples of the items available to make living in your own home safer and easier.


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