Five Advantages of Working With a Professional House-Buying Service

People encounter many challenges in life, including illnesses, divorces, and other issues that cause financial problems. When difficult circumstances prompt you to sell your house, however, a traditional real estate deal may not transpire soon enough. Fortunately, there are professional house-buying firms that can bail you out of any situation. Here are some key benefits of selling to one of these companies.

Smooth Process

Most professional housebuyers in San Antonio, TX, employ speculators, acquisition managers, and other workers who can make sure the sale of your house goes smoothly. These professionals are also experts in real estate who can help you understand the entire selling and purchasing process.

Quick Sale

While the average real estate sale takes 91 days, according to Zillow, a professional house-buying company will usually purchase your home a week or two after it makes an offer. This can prevent you from enduring further financial problems because you must stay in your home.

Cash Up-Front

Professional housebuyers in San Antonio will usually pay cash for your residence. Because of this, the company’s offer will be slightly lower than your original selling price. However, you’ll soon have the money you need to get on with your life.

No Appraisal

Appraisals can run you between $300 and $400 these days, according to Angie’s List. A professional homebuyer will usually not request an appraisal because he or she is already familiar with home prices in your area.

No Last-Minute Cancellations

It’s estimated that 15% of all traditional home sales fall through, but professional housebuyers in San Antonio will rarely back out of a sale. That’s because the investor wants your property to fix up and flip.

Another benefit of using a professional house-buying service is that you can avoid real estate commissions and closing costs. This can save you $10,000 or more, depending on the selling price of your house.

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