Jan 30, 2013

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Firepits in Norfolk: Tips for the Backyard Enthusiast and Camper

Firepits in Norfolk: Tips for the Backyard Enthusiast and Camper

If you’re the outdoor type or the backyard enthusiast, the thought might have crossed your mind on more than one occasion to install a firepit somewhere on your property. A lot of manual labor is involved in installing a firepit in Norfolk. It can either be done by you or professionally, but in either case, it can also be a pricey obligation.

What to do to install a firepit

Before you decide to install a firepit in Norfolk, make sure that your backyard is big enough for it. Some counties and states have local regulations on how to install firepits. Others don’t allow fires, or open flames or gas firepits. So, it’s important that you do your research thoroughly before digging anything up. Once you’ve figured out what your county’s rules and regulations are, you need to clear the area of all flammable substances such as branches, leaves, twigs, bushes, potted plants and get rid of any hanging brushwood from trees that are over the area you want to put the firepit in. Then you need to remove the grass from the area that you plan to build the firepit in Norfolk on. Make sure that the grass doesn’t grow back by putting herbicides in that area. After that you’re ready to start digging. Your hole needs to be about 6 inches deep, which is the depth of a basic firepit brick. It’s also important that the first layer of brick that you intend to put on the ground is even, because everything else will be build on that.

What else to consider for a firepit in Norfolk

There are two more things you need to think of: the safety features and the real reason why you want to even have a firepit in Norfolk. Firepits can be a source of warmth, joy to share with others or it can even be used to cook over an open flame. But regardless of your reasons for building a firepit, it’s also important to consider precautionary measures. A firepit can be just as much a lovely sight as it can be a dangerous one. It’s important that you keep loose objects and children as far away from it as possible and only get close to the flames for necessary reasons.

Why have a firepit in Norfolk?

Most people build firepits to add luxury to their backyards or patios. Others do it for the excitement of outdoor camping and year-round outdoor meals. Whatever the reasons may be, a firepit in Norfolk is something to be shared with the whole family, or friends and neighbors. It doesn’t always take an enthusiast or a professional to build a backyard firepit. You just need a little motivation and the right tools and you can get started on your own.

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