Apr 2, 2013

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Fire Damage in Hanford, CA – Make A New Start

Damage done by fire to a house or building is an extremely unfortunate event and can be devastating for the owners. So what is the next step after a fire? Fire damage in Hanford, CA calls for restoration by professionals, since it needs careful planning which stretches over days or even weeks, depending on the extent of the fire.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Concerning Fire Damage Restoration

* Stay Calm. It may seem like the fire did not just burn down your property, but your entire life as well. But the only way you can make sane decisions in this moment of crisis is by staying calm and keeping things in perspective.

* Don’t even think about doing the restoration work on your own. It is dangerous and will be overwhelming at this difficult time.

* Keep in mind that fire damage in Hanford, CA may not leave anything but the basic structure of the house to be salvaged and restored by the restoration company. So avoid getting into the nitty gritty of things with the team of professionals.

* Where there is a fire there will be water as well. Professional fire damage teams will dry out items which can still be salvaged as soon as possible. The team you hire for restoration work will help out with industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry as much of the property and what’s left in it as soon as possible, since what’s left can quickly be destroyed by mold and mildew. The structure has not just suffered fire damage, but water damage as well, and will need to be repaired.

* The smell of smoke can easily penetrate walls and other surfaces and linger on in the house long after the fire in Hanford, CA has been put out and restoration finished. Professional restorers will recommend you allow them to use “thermal fogging.” This is a sort of a chemical fog that penetrates hard surfaces and neutralizes the smell of smoke.

* Your hired restorers will also make sure they remove smoke from ducts and other such places where you least expect it to be. They will probably seal such cavities with a chemical sealer to make sure no smoke or odor escapes from the joints and crevices of these places. And while they are at it, remember to have them replace the attic insulation as well.

Nothing is more frightening than imagining what a fire could have done to your family. Remember that even if you are dealing with devastating fire damage in Hanford, CA, it could always be worse and there will be a way to make a new start.

In this time of crisis, you need care, service, and expertise from only the best, so call Service Master Clean and get the best possible restoration after fire damage in Hanford, CA.

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