Mar 16, 2016

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Finding the Right Printing Company for Your Billboards

Finding the Right Printing Company for Your Billboards

The secret to selling your product is to create brand recognition. We all know names, such as Nike, Jockey or Apple, that represent a mood or lifestyle. Just hearing the brand name can inspire people to open their wallets, and a powerful insignia can have the same effect. Companies invest a great deal in developing the perfect graphic design for their brand, and once they find the right visual recipe for brand success, it is essential to display the slogan and insignia in strategic places. Billboards have been an effective tool in advertising since they were first developed. It is worth contacting a printing company in Norman, OK as a first step in developing a billboard for your brand.

Billboards are ideal for promotion, because they are seen around a city or on a highway when people are not engaged in other activities. Driving requires concentration, but the mind of the driver is free for conversation, listening to music or looking at billboards. When drivers are stopped in traffic, they see the billboards for an extended period of time, which is one reason why it is a good idea to invest in a billboard in crowded urban areas. Think about location when consulting with a printing company in Norman, OK.

Purchase billboards made of sturdy, weather resistant materials. Vinyl is the fabric of choice, and a colorful slogan against black vinyl will stand out. Black, unlike white, does not show stains or wear and tear readily. A seamless vinyl background is more rugged than printed panels placed together with seams after printing. If a billboard is seemless, there is less risk that parts will become detached and fly away. Sturdy yet lightweight Ultraflex vinyl is the leading material in the billboard industry and is prized for its strength and versatility. Solvent inks provide brighter colors than UV inks and still look crisp after exposure to inclement weather. You want people to pay attention to your slogan, so ensure the inks keep their color well.

Find out what materials a printing company in Norman, OK uses for its billboards. If you are investing in an ideal location for your billboard, it is worthwhile to choose one made from the highest quality printing materials for maximum return on investment. Look for billboard makers who provide their own installers or can give you guidance on where to find professionals who will put up your billboard. Also, ensure you have billboard maintenance services in place.

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