Jun 1, 2018

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Finding the Right Drilling Service in Honolulu

Finding the Right Drilling Service in Honolulu

When the foundation of a large building begins to erode and deteriorate, this means it may be time to contact a Drilling Service in Honolulu. This is a task that has to be undertaken by professionals who have experience with underpinning, and can safely shore up the building’s foundation. If the building is situated on unstable soil, the soil may settle when their foundations are subjected to extremely moist conditions or lack of proper drainage. This guide will help explain the importance of finding the right contractor.

Find an Expert on Residential Sites

Those in need of a Drilling Service in Honolulu need to find a contractor who knows how to manage and control drilling and grouting spoils. They need to have expertise in curtains, fences and catchment systems to be able to contain any construction debris that is generated from the pile installations. The contractor should have a working knowledge of transferring foundation loads to coral, basalt and lava layers which can aid in providing load-bearing capacity for any construction.

Some Drillers Can Build Bridges

Some of the better drilling crews use custom drill bit systems which consist of a carbide-tipped ring bit and a pilot bit in conjunction with a high-powered mini jackhammer. Customers should ask the crews if they have experience going as deep as 70′ from grade. Also, in Hawaii, some bridge sites present challenges due to their remote locations and logistics. Customers should confirm that contractors are licensed in Hawaii as an “A” General Engineering Contractor, and have a stellar safety record due to the precarious situations some jobs may present.

Deal With an Island Leader

Customers cannot go wrong dealing with Structural Systems Inc. They have experience with high rise buildings, historical buildings, and brand new residential homes. They can also work with older homes that have issues with their foundations. They can re-level foundations of homes and can also perform seawall restorations and repairs. Customers will feel comfortable working with a company that has over 25 years of experience and has stabilized, underpinned, and re-leveled hundreds of structures and have done so without a single warranty claim ever being filed. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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