Mar 4, 2014

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Finding The Right Doggie Daycare In Millersville Is The Responsibility Of The Owner And The Business

The pet industry is a 55 billion dollar a year market. Sounds hard to believe at first but when you consider all the possibilities of ways in which we care for our pets, it is no wonder that this market is so large. Besides the normal care and feeding of a pet which accounts for 10 billion dollars, the rest is spent on accessories, exercise and even care for the pets around the clock. One of the booming business trends for caring for animals has to do with Doggie daycare in Millersville which gives you plenty of options for caring for your pet when you are away from home.
What was first known as a kennel business about 20 years ago has now transformed into a special niche market that can be anything from a daily Doggie daycare in Millersville to a lavish spa treatment to a lengthy pampered pet getaway. When owners leave their animals for the day or on vacation they want to make sure that their favorite furry animal is taken care of just like they would at home. That is why the term daycare is associated with pets just like it would be associated to a baby or infant while the parents are at work.
Some things to look for in a daycare or kennel situation in which you leave your furry friend has to do with safety first. Some of the more elite places to stay for animals these days have constant around the care web cam access in which the owner can see what their pets are doing and how they are treated. This may be of the greatest comfort but it is not the only thing that can alert an owner to the practices of a business.
Make sure that your pet records are up to date including all vaccinations and your pet is protected against kennel cough. Before you drop your beloved furry friend off your kennel should have already asked for this information so that they could validate the pets medical records. If this has not been asked for in advance, do not proceed to take your pet there. Consult with places such as Gambrills Veterinary Center on their recommendations for pet care so your pet is taken care and protected while you are away.

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