Sep 16, 2016

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Finding the Perfect Upper East Side Apartments

Finding the Perfect Upper East Side Apartments

On your quest to find the perfect upper east side apartments you are going to run into quite a few lemons before you get to start unveiling the best of the best. The upper east side is one of the most desirable areas to live in the city so real estate is always at a premium and moves very quickly. There are 3 things you should consider when you are searching for your new home:

  • Location will make a difference
  • The amenities in the building
  • The condition of the apartments


The “upper east side” is sort of a blanket term that is used to describe an expansive neighborhood in Manhattan but any native can tell you that even within the parameters there are blocks that are better or more desirable areas than other areas. The difference between prime locations and super prime can be one or two blocks. Some locations are just nicer than others. You want to live in the nicest part of the upper east side.


You have to consider that the building is an extension of your residence. The building and what amenities are offered helps you to shape the lifestyle that you want. Search for properties in buildings that offer all the amenities that are important to you.


Ultimately, the design of the apartment and how it is appointed will have the biggest impact on your decision making. A nicely appointed apartment that is designed with function in mind is the most important criteria.

Carnegie Park should be on your short list if you are searching for the perfect apartment on the upper east side! They have everything you could want in a property.

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