Finding the Freshest Lobster From Boston Markets for the Best Flavor

If you want to prepare a seafood meal with lobster, then you want to use the freshest meat that is available. An option for finding fresh lobster in Boston is to go to a seafood market soon after fishing boats arrive. You can also contact local markets to find out when they receive shipments of fresh seafood so that you can be there when they arrive. Here are a few tips for ensuring that the lobster you select is among the freshest that is available.

Know Your Types

When you begin looking at lobsters to purchase, you need to know the different types. One is a hard-shell, and the other is a soft-shell. The method of cooking is usually different depending on the kind that you get, and you’ll likely notice that the flavors are different as well. Soft-shell lobsters typically have sweeter meat in them that is a bit more pleasant to eat. They tend to be easier to cook as well.


Before getting a fresh lobster in Boston, look at the color of the claws and the underside of the animal. It should be bright red. There shouldn’t be a lot of dirt or debris on lobsters that are fresh. If the lobster has been sitting in a tank for even a short time, then you’ll usually notice scratches on the shell and even damage to the claws.


You’re going to want to cook your lobster soon after it’s purchased so that you can enjoy the best flavors. Lobsters tend to begin eating themselves only a short time after they are removed from the water if they are not frozen or cooked. If you’re able to put the lobster in water soon after it’s purchased, then you’re going to maintain the fresh flavors that you desire.

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