Nov 6, 2013

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Finding Legal Representation In Las Vegas

Finding yourself in a situation where you are charged with committing a crime can be a scary experience, especially if you are not guilty. Everyone has the right to criminal attorney in Las Vegas—or anywhere else—whether it be a court appointed attorney or one that you hire on your own. If you are charged with a crime you need to hire a defense lawyer to build your case, refute evidence and take it to trial if needed.

There are many types of criminal law such as murder, DUI, burglary, rape, embezzlement and drug trafficking. Having the right defense attorney can help you considerably, regardless of your plea. Under the law, a criminal charge relates to any crime that poses a threat, harm or endangerment of another person. Punishment for such crimes—if found guilty—can be anything from community service, a fine or imprisonment. Usually, for serious crimes such as murder, a long prison sentence can be the only recourse.

History of Criminal Law

Most early civilizations has no differentiation between criminal and civil law. Civil law is now classified as a general area of ‘private’ law, whereby a case can be brought in civil court against a defendant who perhaps owes money, caused a car accident or damage to property, but is not considered criminal damage. Criminal law has certain objectives that place the onus or the prosecution to establish culpability of the defendant. Evidence is gathered from the scene of a crime and pieced together like a jigsaw. Evidence, such as DNA, weapon analysis, blood samples and debris can be analyzed to assess the defendants’ probably cause, motive and alibi, which goes toward building the case against them. It is the job of the defense to refute any evidence with opposing evidence that suggests and places doubt as to their guilt.

Generally, a trial will consist of a jury, who will examine evidence, hear the cases for and against and then submit a verdict based on the submission of such evidence. Many historic cases have caused public uproar if a verdict is strongly disagreed with. It can cause the public opinion to become fraught and contentious if they feel a verdict or a sentence handed down is unfair. Most of the time, this feeling comes from public outcry if a proven murderer is given a lesser sentence than the crowd feel they deserve.

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