Dec 26, 2013

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Finding a Trustworthy Timber Merchant

A timber merchant is a professional who makes it their business to cultivate, prepare and sell many hundreds of different kinds of wood. Well, wood, per se, but more accurately timber or lumber—cut wood. There are many aspects to procuring wood as a timber or lumber merchant and it can involve owning or purchasing the felling rights to a forest for one year or a length contract. It can also involve reclaimed timber and the buying and selling of such stock.

Some of the main knowledge that a timber merchant should ideally have is at least some knowledge of different types of trees, and forestry. Nowadays, it is more or less demanded that forests become sustainable and therefore any timber that is felled must be replanted to make sure that the life of the forest goes on. The main reason humans have settled upon this deal was because of the serious damage over-felling was doing to the rain forests and other areas of forest around the world.

They should be well versed on how to create sustainable wood but at the same time focus on acquiring high quality planks of lumber at reasonable prices so that resell value is not passed onto the customer to the degree where it becomes too expensive. Local as well as national laws have to be observed when buying, selling and dealing in timber. Nowadays there are not many small independent timber merchants in Bristol or anywhere in the country. Most are large chain companies that seem faceless, but in essence they are simply taking over there the small man left off to give the public quality wood at a good price.

Trusting your local Merchant

No matter where you live, if you need some king of wood, whether it is for construction, decking or anything building project, you should take a look at your local timber merchant. Get to know them and maybe open a line of credit with them to get a better discount. Many merchants offer selective discounts to others in the ‘trade’ and if you fit the picture you can find a merchant to rely on, and who offers delivery services and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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