Finding A Top HDPE Supply Is Important

In the construction of waterworks projects, choosing the right materials and the right companies to supply the materials has a bearing on the progress and quality of the final project.

For most waterworks applications, contractors will need a top HDPE supply service to provide JIT deliveries throughout the project. This allows for specific amounts of pipe to be delivered throughout the project, eliminating the need for additional hauling of pipe from central storage locations to the field.

The Advantages of HDPE

For over a half a century, HDPE supply companies have been providing this pipe to water and other piping applications across the country. It is durable enough to be used in cold climates and in hot, humid climates without the problems of other types of plastics or alloy pipes.

While it has a very high strength to weight ratio over iron or steel, it is also flexible, which makes it easier to work with. It is also capable of withstanding surge pressure, which is not the case with all plastic piping options. The industrial supply service will be able to order the correct pressure rated pipe for the application when they are provided with the maximum possible pressure in the system.

For water systems, HDPE pipe resists biological growth as well as corrosion. This means there is no need to use an inner sleeve for the pipe and there is no risk of performance problems and leaks due to rust on either the inside or the outside of the pipe.

The other big advantage of HDPE pipe is the ability to use heat fusion to join pipe sections and components. Talk to your HDPE supply company about and valves, joints and additional components required as well as any adapters needed to connect HDPE pipe to non-HDPE pipe currently in place in the system.

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