Jan 15, 2014

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Finding a New Wardrobe to suit your Breast Implants

When you invest in natural looking breast implants in New York, you will want to hit the shops and look for the best fashions and fit for your new look. You will want to get more than some sexy new lingerie to accent your new breasts. You will find that your clothes fit a lot more snug across the chest, or if you have been wearing loose fitting shirts to hide your smaller breasts you might want to seek more flattering and fashionable clothes.

It goes without saying that you will require new lingerie as the shape and size of your breasts will require a whole new fit in bra, camisole and nightie sizes. Go to a reputable lingerie shop that can help you with a professional fitting and help you find the perfect style of bra for your new natural looking breast implants. New York has plenty of knowledgeable lingerie shops who will be happy to fit you with the best support and look so you can feel comfortable as well as look perfect without any bulging or having your cups “running over”.

Now that you have lovely, shapely breasts you will be happy to wear some tighter fitting sweaters, but avoid making the mistake of getting sweaters that will be constricting and “lumpy”. Look for sweaters that will flatter your new silhouette with flattering necklines such as low cut vees and wrap around sweaters.

Depending on how much of an increase you have undergone dresses may be more difficult to fit. If you are slender and have much larger breasts it can be hard to find a size that fits around the breasts without being too loose around the hips and waist. You will have to try on a few styles and sizes to find the look that best suits your new silhouette.

Blouses will require a larger size and many women make the mistake of getting a blouse size that is too tight. You want a fit that will accentuate your breasts and cleavage without pulling tightly across the back and nipple area.
Aim for a smooth fit for all of your new clothes so you look sexy, not frumpy.

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