Feb 22, 2016

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Find the Right Boring Bars for your Project

Find the Right Boring Bars for your Project

There are many different projects that require the use of a boring bar, or a combination of boring bars. It is important to find the right size and type of boring bar for a specific project, and doing this is not always easy. Here is some great information about boring bar options that will make finding the right one for your needs a little easier:

Why Is Choosing the Right Boring Bar Important?

There are a few reasons that choosing the right boring bar is important. Perhaps the most important one is that you want to make the boring as stable as possible. This allows the force of the actual cutting process to go smoothly, with less chance of getting the machine jammed or causing excessive vibration. These can cause imperfections in the hole both in the depth and diameter, which will result in fitting problems. In order to avoid these imperfections, there are a couple guidelines to follow. One is that you should choose a boring bar with the largest diameter available for the job with the shortest possible overhang or length. Be careful not to choose a boring bar that will make the hole too big for your needs; rather, make sure the size is as big as possible for your specific project. The same goes for the length as well: simply make sure it will go as deep as possible without going too deep. This may seem complicated, but you really just want to avoid using a boring bar that will not make a big enough or deep enough hole. Finding the right size and length is important to ensure stability and reduce vibrations.

Choosing the Right Type

Once you have determined the right diameter and length of your boring bar, it is important to find the right type for your boring needs. Boring bars come in three different types: carbide reinforced steel, solid carbide, and regular steel. Carbide is considered the best choice, since it is better at reducing vibration because it is more elastic than steel. This increased elasticity makes carbide a great choice for deeper holes requiring large overhangs. The disadvantage of carbide bars is that they are not as strong as steel. It’s important to do a little research on the material you are boring in order to decide which type of boring bar is right for your particular project.

There are other options to consider as well, as some companies offer bars that have small ducts for cooling, which decrease a bar’s likelihood of breaking and greatly improves the durability and life of the bar. Other options include bars that are tin-coated, which give the boring bar better durability as well.

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