Mar 7, 2014

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Find the Perfect Ice Luge In Long Island, NY

During a cold winter there seems to be a great amount of ice and snow. However, it is not the ice we truly want. The Long Island Ice and Fuel has the clear, clean ice that can be used for a variety of purposes. They have been working to deliver ice on New York’s Long Island since the year 1880, and have not let up in their efforts since their early days of horse drawn ice delivers. Nowadays, their fleet of state of the art trucks deliver ice and navigate the suburbs of Long Island with GPS, delivering ice seven days a week to residential and commercial customers. They can be called into action on holidays and especially for emergencies that require ice to keep foods at optimum temperatures. Their customer service department knows what this company means to the residents of Long Island and strives to make sure they are served in the best way possible with timely deliveries and courteous service people.
For many people it is the unique ice created items that can be crafted from their ice. This includes delivery of an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY, ice blocks, crushed ice for service kitchens and even dry ice for special effects projects. For parties and events many individuals and groups desire an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY to be delivered. In addition to purchase and delivery services, your team at Long Island Ice and Fuel can give you the names of local artists that specialize in ice carving sculptures.
All of their ice products are tested for purity and safety. This company also provides refrigeration units for commercial buildings and restaurant use. Whenever food and drink has to be kept at regulated temperatures, they are the first company you want to call to get it right. Whether you place your order by phone or utilize their website located at, their experience of over a hundred years is well apparent. It comes from their welcome nature and the competitive pricing that they pride themselves on. Never has there been an ice company known so well for their warmth with their customer base.

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