Find the Best Senior Care Monmouth County, NJ for Your Loved One

The statistics on Alzheimer’s Disease are so overwhelming that it can be easy to forget that behind the numbers are people whose lives are being wiped out of existence as their memories are destroyed. Each one of these victims once loved and laughed and experienced all the highs and lows of just being alive. As Alzheimer’s progresses, everything that they knew and experience is, one by one, obliterated. It’s frightening to experience and horrifying to watch.

Right now, over five million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease while many millions more, families, friends, and others, are directly affected. The odds of anyone somehow escaping the brunt of dementia are not good: 1 in 3 seniors will have Alzheimer’s or another dementia when they die. There are well over 15 million unpaid caregivers in this country who are doing the very best that they can to care for their loved ones. While this is a responsibility of love, it is also brutally disruptive to the lives of these caregivers and other family members. It is a 24/7 challenge that may, for a wide variety of reasons, become impossible for the caregivers to maintain. At some point, many of these caregivers need to look outside for Senior Care in Monmouth County, NJ for their loved ones.

The Jersey Shore Adult Day Care offers a wide variety of senior care services. They have fully equipped independent living apartments for seniors who wish to enjoy their lives without the pressures of maintaining their homes. Residents who need more assistance with daily living tasks are comfortable with assisted living where each resident receives services customized to their needs at Senior Care in Monmouth County, NJ. Those patients needing memory care will find compassionate, experienced staff able to assist them in experiencing the best quality of life possible.

The choice of many caregivers is a local residential senior care facility whose staff are both knowledgeable and compassionate and will care for their loved ones with dignity and respect. Any caregiver searching for the best senior care facility for their loved one should look most carefully at all levels of staff at the residential senior living community under consideration. While doctors and nurses are expected to be skilled and experienced in the best treatments available, observe the staff members in constant contact with patients.

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