May 16, 2014

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Find a Valuable Company for Commercial Roofing in Montgomery County

As many people are aware, residential roofs need maintenance in order to remain safe and effective. Commercial roofing also requires the same level of inspection and care. Roofing materials vary widely. Asphalt shingles are the most popular for residential buildings. Commercial buildings often use slate, asphalt shingles, metal shingles, and metal roofs. Underlying materials can include ice shields, water shields, or even tar paper. The purpose of the underlying material helps protect the building’s structure from water damage in case of damage to the outer materials.

It is best to understand the types of material before looking for commercial roofing in Montgomery County. Slate is a durable, smooth material that has a life expectancy between 80 and 400 years; this product is expensive to use, however. Asphalt shingles are made from bitumen, which looks like asphalt, and covered with grit to protect from water damage; this material, when in shingle form, overlaps to provide excellent protection. Asphalt shingles are also relatively inexpensive. Metal shingles have a high life expectancy and are incredibly flexible, which allows them to be locked together during the manufacturing process. Metal roofs are often made of galvanized steel; this method is one of the cheapest and most durable.

When looking for a company that offers commercial roofing in Montgomery County, use a search engine, phone book, or friend referrals to make a list of nearby offices. The next step is to contact each office or check the Better Business Bureau’s website for experience, services, licensing, and prices. For example, one such company in Montgomery County is Business Name. This company has over six decades of experience and provides re-roofing, new construction, and maintenance and repairs.

Add this business to the list and call them for information about their licensing and insurance policies before embarking on the roofing project with them. This advice applies to all business on the list. If a worker is hurt during construction and the business does not have the proper insurance or liability, the business owner may be held responsible. Do not be afraid to call each company and ask for a quote before choosing. Shopping around lends the best deal for the consumer. Using these tips, business owners should find a quality roofing company to fit their needs.

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