Nov 21, 2013

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Find A Reliable Dentist In The Riverton Area

Having healthy teeth is about more than just having a pretty smile. While having that perfect pearly white smile is something that many Riverton residents desire, it’s not the only reason to practice proper dental hygiene. Your personal health is at risk when you neglect your teeth. When a tooth is infected, you run the risk of that infection entering your blood stream and wreaking havoc throughout your body. Having any type of cavity or having a broken tooth can lead to the nerves in your teeth becoming infected. A patient with an infected nerve will suffer from constant pain in the area of the tooth that’s infected, as well as a weakening of the tooth that’s affected and the gums around it. What’s worse, if the tooth is infected and needs to be extracted, a Dentist in Riverton can’t extract the tooth until the infection is treated with antibiotics.

When your teeth do need extraction, or have had severe cavities or breaks, there’s a few options a patient can choose from for restoring their smile and the over all healthiness of their teeth. A Dentist in Riverton can offer several options in the areas of Cosmetic Dentistry, such as implants, crowns, veneers, and even dentures. While dentures are usually frowned upon nowadays with dentists choosing the superior implants over them, they are still offered to patients who would prefer them over the surgeries involved with getting implants. Implants are much healthier for your mouth, since their metal anchors promote bone growth in your jaw line the same way your original tooth’s roots would have. Implants also have the highest chance of giving you a realistic smile again, without looking fake like crowns can.

When it comes to minor problems needing fixed, veneers are a great solution to give a patient back their beautiful smile without much work in the way of procedures. Veneers fit over your existing teeth, much like crowns would. They offer a natural look, but still rely on your existing teeth to function. The Dentist in Riverton that you choose for your procedures can give you more details on which type of cosmetic dentistry is right for your situation, as each patient is different. Always remember to choose a reliable dentist with the right credentials and experience in the dentistry field, such as Willingboro Family Dental, to ensure you get the best treatment for your dental health.

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