Jun 22, 2018

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Filing Claims with a Workplace Injury Attorney in Charles County, MD

Filing Claims with a Workplace Injury Attorney in Charles County, MD

In Maryland, workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for all workers who are injured on the job. As defined by the policies, the worker must be performing their work duties or inside the work environment at the time of the accident. A workplace injury attorney in Charles County, MD helps workers who were denied access to the benefits.

Evaluating the Workers’ Comp Claim

The supervisor is required to send the worker to an ER or urgent care facility after a work-related injury. The doctor at the medical facility must complete a medical report that explains the worker’s injuries. The report is filed with the workers’ compensation claim.

What Loopholes Are Used Most Often

Common loopholes used in a workers’ compensation case are policies that were suddenly changed after the accident. The policies could outline the exact circumstances of the accident to help the employer avoid a financial loss. The unethical practice is common in industries such as retail. The reason that the employers get away with the act is that unless the worker has an existing copy of the policy, they cannot prove that the change was made after their accident.

Why Was the Worker Denied Benefits?

The exact reason for the denial must be present in the letter sent to the worker by the claim’s adjuster. The information helps the attorney determine if the worker has a viable claim. The reason must be outlined in the worker’s compensation policy.

What Could Happen During a Hearing?

By taking the claim to court, the worker could receive full benefits through workers’ compensation. The benefits include payments for all medical treatment and monetary benefits to replace their wages. If their injuries are more severe, the worker could obtain a large lump sum settlement.

In Maryland, workers who were denied workers’ compensation benefits have the right to start a lawsuit against their employer and the insurer. The projected outcome is based on eligible injuries and evidence that shows that the employer or the insurer didn’t fulfill their obligations to the worker. Employees who are injured and need help from a workplace injury attorney in Charles County, MD contact Law Office of Danny R. Seidman now.

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