Oct 11, 2019

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Figuring Out Which Months Are Best for Vinyl Siding Replacement in St Paul

Figuring Out Which Months Are Best for Vinyl Siding Replacement in St Paul

When homeowners want to schedule vinyl siding replacement in St Paul, they may want to know the best time of year to have this project done. Considering the harsh winters common in this region, they assume that the work should not be done during those months. Siding contractors can provide advice about why certain seasons tend to be better than others for the project. Homeowners can also find tips online regarding when pricing might be best.

Temperature Considerations

The main recommendation is to have vinyl siding replacement in St Paul completed before temperatures dip below freezing. In this region, that can happen early, even in October. Freezing temperatures may continue all the way through May. For that reason, homeowners in this area should concentrate on summer and early fall when they plan for the installation of vinyl siding. Contractors generally want to install this siding on days that are not particularly hot.

The material becomes brittle in freezing temperatures. This is no problem once it’s on the building, but the siding is vulnerable to cracking when being installed if the weather is very cold. On very hot days, vinyl expands, and nailing it tightly against the building may result in cracking when cold temperatures make the material contract. This isn’t much of a problem in the Twin Cities, where days above 90 degrees are few and far between.

Rainy Weather

In addition, when temperatures are warmer here in April and May, the weather tends to be rainy. Contractors like Builders & Remodelers, Inc. need dry days to install vinyl siding to prevent moisture from getting between the material and the sheathing materials. Summer and fall tend to have drier weather conditions. Get more information on this particular contractor at the website.

Planning Ahead for Best Pricing

If homeowners can plan this project a year ahead of time, they can call for estimates to have work completed during different months and figure out if prices are lower at certain times of the year. This tends to be more common in late autumn since so many people schedule siding replacement during the summer. The following year, they’ll know when to set up the project.

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