Oct 23, 2018

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Figuring Out the Correct Etiquette for Enjoying Italian Dishes in Weston

Figuring Out the Correct Etiquette for Enjoying Italian Dishes in Weston

When someone is trying to make a good first impression during dinner at a restaurant, the aspect of correct etiquette is on this person’s mind. Deciding what to order might be difficult. Some meals are messy and some pose confusion as to whether it’s OK to pick up the food with one’s hands. A menu featuring Italian Dishes in Weston can create this confusion, since so many of the meals are filled with long pieces of pasta and lush sauces.

Silverware for Pizza: Yes or No?

Then there’s the issue of pizza. Most people don’t think twice about grabbing a slice with their hands and eating it sans silverware. What if this is a job interview or a meeting with the boss regarding a promotion? What if it’s a first date? The restaurant is known for fantastic pizza, but what’s the official word on etiquette?

Interestingly, in Italy, the residents generally prefer to cut up the pizza slices with a knife and fork and then eat the smaller pieces using their hands. Throughout the United States, the custom usually is to pick up the slices with the hands, but many people do use a fork if the pizza is particularly hot or messy.

Learning to Twirl Pasta

In regard to eating Italian Dishes in Weston featuring long pasta, people can hone their pasta-twirling skills before the big event. There’s a knack to using a fork to spin spaghetti or linguine into a bundle so it can be eaten neatly. The most accepted way to do this is to move the fork in a spoon against the bottom of the plate while it accumulates the pasta. If someone has never seen this done, this person can watch a short video online demonstrating the technique.

Other Possibilities

If all of these options still leave the person feeling a little nervous, there are plenty of additional choices at dining establishments like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. Choosing dishes with shorter pasta, such as ravioli or ziti, eliminates the need for fork twirling. There also are rice dishes known as risotto, and meat and seafood dishes served with penne pasta.You can also follow them on Twitter.

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