Apr 8, 2013

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Fighting For Emancipation Washington Indiana , And Elsewhere

It is undoubtedly a sad state of affairs, but even in some of the wealthiest American cities and towns, there are children who are not being treated well by their legal parents or guardians. These types of situations occur on every socioeconomic level, in every part of the country, and transcend stereotypes regarding race, religion, education, and the different ways in which people choose to raise families. This type of abuse can come in the form of a long-neglected family in which both parents are all but absent and the oldest child is left to raise siblings, or in a scenario where a child begins a profitable career at an early age, only to have funds taken and squandered by parents or guardians who view the child as a cash cow.

In both these scenarios, if the child is old enough, legal emancipation is an option that should seriously be considered. If you’re looking to learn more about Emancipation Washington Indiana and countless other states have paved the way in helping young adults become legal adults. Typically, the age in which emancipation is considered is 16, although in certain instances, an exception can be made for younger children under the guidance of a court-appointed trustee.

When it comes to granting Emancipation Washington Indiana and many other states are at the forefront of helping the disenfranchised to break free from difficult situaltions and build a positive and independent life. The road isn’t always easy, because even parents who may clearly be seen as unfit guardians to most are considered by many courts to be preferable to the situation in which a minor is reponsible for his own care and well-being. The idea that any parent or guardian is preferable to none at all, and lacking a proper care-taker, a child should be put into an already overburdened foster care system is at best, an outdated one. At worst, it is an attitud that can put children who have already lived through difficult situations in yet another challenging environment, making the road out of poverty, crime, abuse, drugs, alcohol, or other toxic behavior seem an impossible one.

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