Mar 20, 2020

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Fence Companies in Nassau County Install a Variety of Fences

Privacy and security are growing concerns for many families. Parents want their children to be able to play out in their yard. However, they are concerned about strangers watching them and then deciding to hurt them. Pool owners want to be able to enjoy their leisure time without people seeing them lounging in their swimsuits. They also want to make sure that teens and smaller children can’t access the pool without permission. Dog owners want to let their dog play safely in the yard. If they have an aggressive dog breed, they have to make sure that the fence is strong enough to prevent the dog from escaping. Fence companies in Nassau County can help homeowners achieve all of these goals.

Privacy fences can be up to six feet tall in most communities and not require a permit. However, it is always recommended that a homeowner let their neighbors know that they are fencing in their property. Often the neighbors will be happy about it and support the idea enthusiastically. After all, it will increase their privacy as well. This discussion is a good opportunity to find out if the neighbor has a color or style preference. Sometimes just adding 12-inches of trellis work at the top of the privacy fence will please a neighbor and doesn’t diminish the amount of privacy or security that it provides.

Chain link fences will contain the strongest dog. They also allow the homeowner to see the street or open space near their home. Fence companies in Nassau County often install these fences when a property abuts a public forest or walking trail. The open fence design doesn’t obstruct the beautiful rural view, but it will prevent people from trespassing on their property. Some homeowners opt for a green chain link fence, because it will blend into the open space.

It’s important to install a fence properly. The poles should be set at least 24 inches deep to ensure that the fence will stand up to strong dogs and possible intruders. Precision Fence Company is one of the companies that installs fences in the Nassau County region. They are always happy to meet with a homeowner to discuss their fence requirements.

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